BFR Certified Coach Directory

Dr. Greg Adams
Wakarusa, IN

At first glance, the unique characteristics and benefits of BFR training seemed almost too good to be true. However, with closer investigation, the science clearly supported that BFR was indeed a revolutionary breakthrough in exercise challenging the mindset of what I was taught about exercise being load, volume and time dependent. BFR has been a game changer in how I approach and encourage exercise for a lifetime. With B3 Bands, I will never exercise the “old way” again.

Bridgid Agosta
Omaha, Nebraska

Before finding B3 Sciences, I was overworked in Corporate with very little time to focus on my fitness as my other time was stretched thin to balance my family and friends needs. Using the B3 BFR Bands, we now have a new way to share our time as a family and focus on our health and wellness. I’m also breaking away from my Corporate life and building my financial security through my passions – B3 Sciences makes it easy!

Anessa Almendariz
Smithfield, UT

I have been a personal trainer for 12 years. I love my job and have helped many people get to their fitness goals. I was frustrated with my own progress though. I couldn’t get past my Plateau, until I put on the B3 Bands. I dropped 20 lbs and 5 inches with in a 3 month time frame. I will never train without the Bands . Thank you B3

Darla Andrews
Placentia, CA

As a personal trainer and a Masters Figure Champion/INBA Pro, I love using the B3 BFR Bands with my clients and in my own training! The bands are a game changer and have allowed myself and my clients to get better results in half the time without the risk of injury that comes with lifting heavy or high intensity exercise.

Dr. Wade Anunson
Fitchburg, WI

Being an athlete, avid outdoorsman and still training in martial arts, the demand on my body has inflammatory consequences. There was no way of getting around the pain, soreness and extended recovery between HIT or HIIT workouts using traditional methods of Time + Load + Volume. At the least I required 2 days of rest/recovery with pain and stiffness. Since starting with B3, my life has changed, my fitness level, strength and muscle mass have all improved – quickly. Recovery, soreness are a fraction yet I can work out several days in a row, build muscle mass and experience the rejuvenating cascade of hormones throughout my body. My whole body is less sore! Before B3, maintaining fitness, strength and muscle mass in my 50’s required a delicate dance between enough intensity to build muscle which increased inflammation and added longer recovery times. I can’t say enough for how B3 has impacted my life and reduced the level of pain, soreness and joint wear & tear from traditional weight /resistance training I had done for so long.

Renee Barber
Bellbrook, OH

One hour, five days a week, that’s what it used to take to get the lean muscle tone I desired. Now, I get even better results in less time and without the exhaustion. I put on the B3 Bands and walk with my friend for 20 minutes, three days a week.

Suzanne Beninate
Benson, AZ

Basically, I want to look good and feel good! Don’t you? I’ve learned with B3 BFR Bands, it doesn’t have to be hard to achieve those two simple goals. I struggle with issues in the tissues: arthritis in the hands and back, constant neck issue which leads to other issues. Since using the B3 Bands, I love that I am leaner and feel better. I’m reaching my goals of looking and feeling good without doing the “usual” weight lifting and cardio classes. Just as importantly, I love that I can share with others this easy way to improve their lives.

Richard Bertie
Pittsburgh, PA

As a medical professional, I understand the numerous benefits of blood flow resistance training. The B3 Bands have been a great addition to my exercise programs. With the bands, I’m able to get a great workout regardless if I have access to a gym or even weights!

Robert Betzold
Frisco, TX

Thanks to B3 Bands, working out for me will never go back to the way it was. I’m in the best shape of my life at 47 with no more pain but all the gain thanks to the best and most comfortable BFR training product on the market, B3 Sciences B3 Bands.

Jen Bieber, DPT
Farmington, UT

As a Physical Therapist, I strive to empower my patients with evidence-based and innovative tools individualized for their healing process. Incorporating the B3 Bands for patients of all ages postoperatively and enabling high level athletes to increase power and strength effectively has been an incredible addition to my practice and to our Rhodes Physical Therapy community.

Dr. Russ Birdsall
North Glenn, CO

I was introduced to the B3 Bands by a colleague during a conference. I have never heard of BFR training before but was amazed at how I felt with the little bit of work I did. I was sold instantly and bought the B3 Bands the next day.

I workout 7 days a week and since my purchase I add them to the tail ends of my workouts 3-4 times per week and the results have been amazing! I have also been using them to rehab old injuries on myself and many of my patients with massive success!

Another huge advantage is traveling! I travel around the country teaching and training other Chiropractors and it’s great to not have to bring a gym with me or find one. I just bring my B3 system and I’m fully equipped to get my workouts in so I can stay on track.

Barb Blackwell
Hoopeston, IL
Dr Buck Blodgett
West Allis, WI

I’m a 62 year old ex-ultra marathoner who couldn’t run around the block anymore, a lifetime exerciser, always stiff and sore, no longer able to work out like I want to. After one week on the B3 BFR Bands I’m walking and golfing freely again, it no longer hurts when I land, I’m getting a deep hard “burn” like I haven’t been able to in many years, sleeping great, so full of energy that I’ve almost quit coffee, and clear minded again when I speak in public.

Michael Blubaugh
Praire Village, KS

B3 Bands are a Game Changer. If you want to go from Broken to Bringing It or Just Bringing it More. B3 Bands are for you!

John Bolus
Naples, FL

B3 Bands are the perfect exercise for active Seniors. My strength and muscle tone increased significantly in a short period of time, and I am never sore from using the Bands. I am telling everyone I know to Get on the Bands!

Mark Bowen
Preston, ID

I tried the B3 BFR Bands and loved how it made me feel. I also like that I can lift lighter weight and workout in half the time to stay healthy, fit and strong. I immediately took the B3 BFR Certification Course. Now I am ready to help everyone I know to exercise the new way. The B3 BFR Bands are a dream come true!

Lisa Brown
St George, UT

I was a collegiate cheerleader and have been in the fitness industry as an instructor and trainer since 1998. I have never found anything that works like B3 bands. I use them with my clients, my kids, and anyone who is open to trying them! I use them for quick training before races and it works wonders.

Helen Burke
Providence, UT

Do you want to smile again about your health? Since using the B3 bands it is fun to see and feel my health improving. I love the energy I feel after a 20 minute workout. Being diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis for 30 years my labs are finally improving since I’m now tapping into my own growth hormone. I’ve come to realize being in my 60’s feels like I’m in my 40’s. Make smiling and B3 BFR bands your favorite exercise.

Bob Burke
Providence, Utah

From the first time I tried on the bands, I was very impressed how quickly I felt the burn. I knew right away that the bands aligned with my long term health goals. They have saved me time as well as seeing great results in various sports. I use them for cycling, indoor rowing, lifting and work.

Chris Burnham
Wayzata, MN

Our gyms have been closed due to lockdown, and I’m actually getting Better Results, working out from home with B3 bands. I have cancelled my gym membership, and am saving 3 hours a week!

Sarah Huppi Campbell
West Jordan, UT

As a gymnast, coach, and certified athletic trainer I have always been active and I love helping other people get more joy out of movement. These bands have helped me tone up (starting to see my 6 pack again after 18 years), lose 5lbs I didn’t think I had to lose, and get quick and deep workouts into my busy day! I have loved using them with my family and with my sports medicine clients.

Lisa Chase
St Petersburg, FL

The B3 Bands have been a game changer both for me and my fitness and for my clients to speed healing and recovery. I love how it cuts down time on training time and decreases load to lessen injury risk and make training or efficient. This has certainly helped with compliance and getting better results!

Sandra Checketts
Providence, UT

As a distance runner, I love that my workout time and distance has been reduced greatly with B3 Bands. The Bands give me the cardio and strength training that I so enjoy, promote my growth hormone, and I am never sore.

Kent Christensen
Las Vegas, NV

The B3 BFR Bands have provided me the ability to truly ‘feel the burn’ without the constant nagging injuries that happen as you get older. Knee and shoulder issues and a ruptured disk in my lower back have limited my ability to maintain muscle, with little chance to build additional muscle. The bands have provided miraculous results for me thus far and I continue to work hard (with ½ the weight and in ½ the time) to get into the best shape of my life. Our current focus is to assist seniors and increase their quality of life by building muscle and improving overall health.

Kim Cobler
Salt Lake City, UT

I have arthritis in my knees and back. I love working out but sometimes walking and running are very painful. Once I started using the B3 Bands I was able to increase my exercise and my ability to walk and jog. I feel stronger and not only has the pain in my back and knees improved but it has improved in all of my joints. Thanks to the B3 Bands I am able to still get outdoors and do the things I love.

D.J. Coburger
Ogden, UT

Being a retired U.S. Marine, Stunt man, and Professional Jouster, I have put my body through the ringer, and as I get older I am unable to go to the gym like I used to, the weights were too much on my body.  B3 has given me the ability to exercise again,  regain mobility in my joints, and reduce the pain.  I am able to get the same deep burn, and results as when I was going to the gym, but with half the weight, and 1/3 the time I ever spent in a gym. B3 has also help me recover from elbow surgery in half the time my therapist predicted, and at 54 yrs old, I feel like I am back in my 30’s!

Dr. Rev. Charles Coles
Sedona, AZ

I used to work out on my rebounder for 30-120 minutes everyday doing aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Since I began using the B3 BFR Bands I find that I get the same results in just 15-20 minutes. After completing my B3 Bands workout, I feel such an energetic sensation flowing through my body that it almost feels like I’m superman. I feel more alert and alive in my head! I am so grateful to not only have the B3 bands for myself but also to share this wonderful technology with my customers, family and friends. I am now 82 years old and I feel half my age!

Dr J Logan Cooper
Germantown, MD

I am a physical therapist. Using the B3 BFR Bands allows me to achieve the maximal hormonal and metabolic effects of strength training for my patients, all while minimizing stress/load on their tissues and saving a ton of time! The beneficial effects of muscle mass and strength have never been more known – everything from decreased fall risk to improved brain health and function – and the B3 BFR Bands are my go-to for my patients and myself!

Richard Corso
Newmarket, NH

I have been involved in rehabilitation as a physical therapist for over twenty years, and in the fitness/ wellness space for even longer. Blood flow resistance training with the B3 Bands has been a game changer in how I rehab my patients, train my client, and exercise myself. I can’t imagine training without them.

Angi Covington
Las Vegas, NV

B3 BFR Bands are one of the most effective anti-aging technologies available! At 57, it was EASY to lose weight, get stronger, increase my energy & get my daily dose of HGH, all thanks to these miraculous B3 BFR Bands.

Nancy Cox
Torrance, CA

I have loved using the B3 BFR Bands. They keep my workouts simple, efficient and effective. I have more energy, I’m sleeping better and have more muscle definition.

Curtis Cramblett
Mountain View, CA

It’s great to feel muscle burn and have strength changes without my joint pain. I am seeing gains in myself and my patients!

Kellie Creager
Willard, UT

I haven’t ever been one of those people that loves to exercise. I like doing things to move like dancing, walking and yoga, but I do those for “fun” not as a workout routine. As I have been getting older my body and metabolism have been changing. When I heard about the B3 Bands and only needing 20 minutes a day max, that really intrigued me. I have only been using the bands for a few weeks, but I have seen so many improvements in my life. I feel younger and stronger now! I am excited to continue this journey and to help others like me.

Judy Crockett
Logan, Utah

I love the B3 bands!! I work full time and have three side gigs, so time is very limited for me. Being in my mid 50’s, I know the importance of building and preserving muscle but I don’t have the time to take 60-90 minutes for a workout. The B3 band provide a solution for me, quicker burn in less time. I’m not sore after a workout but yet I can tell my muscles have had a workout. My goal is to be able to share this “gift” with others and help them age better.

Lori Crowe
Tallahassee, FL

I’ve worked out my whole life. At age 55, I love being able to put on the B3 BFR Bands using less weight and time to stay healthy & strong. I feel great, and I don’t concern myself with possible injury like I did with traditional weightlifting as I got older. I just don’t hurt myself, and I feel amazing! It’s like aging backward, and I love it!

Loretta Dailey
South Jordan, UT

Using B3 BFR Bands every day for 15 minutes has been a life changer for me. I feel great, it has taken away my brain fog and I can keep up with my grandchildren. Anything they want to do I can join them. I love what B3 Sciences has done for my life!

Jessica Daly
Damariscotta, ME

I have begun integrating B3 BFR Bands into training sessions with my members and we are seeing great results. One of the best changes that I’ve noticed is that my older members who are in their 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s are leaving workouts with huge smiles on their faces. They are feeling a sense of hard work and subsequent “runners high” that we’ve been unable to achieve safely due to physical limitations in the past.

Corinna Daye
Monrovia, IN

I have tried everything to recover from a nerve injury from 8 years ago and a adductor leg deficiency. It was not until B3 BFR Bands that I actually saw my muscle definition coming back and gaining balance back. This is why I stand behind BFR and have a passion to help others gain back what they lost and more!

Lisa Ann de Garcia
Lehi, UT

I have definitely noticed an increase of strength after starting to use the B3 BFR Bands in a short amount of time.

Easten DeBord
Columbus, OH

I have been so impressed with with B3 Bands, that I changed careers to be part of this exciting exercise breakthrough. Now I spend my days helping people with B3 Bands, answering questions, managing the B3 Share mobile app, and the B3 Social Media pages!

Colin DeBord
Columbus, OH

I used B3 Bands as a HS Football Player to take my speed to a new level and earn a Full D1 Football Scholarship. I joined the company as a Business Representative and completed the BFR Certification Course. I am now enjoying helping new people learn about the Bands and building a national sales network!

Dr. Nik DelFavero
Atlanta, GA

Since using the B3 bands in my practice I have seen amazing results. We are seeing drastic strength and functional improvements with the patients who are doing their strength and stabilization exercises with the bands. These improvements are being seen with not only my young athletes but my senior patients as well.

Lori DeRome
Helendale, CA

I wish I had known about this breakthrough in exercise technology sooner. The benefits of BFR training with B3 Bands are well researched. Now everyone has the power to “turn back the hands of time” and live fuller, healthier lives!

Dr. Kimberly DeVolld
Johns Island, SC

I absolutely love my B3 BFR Bands and use them almost every time I exercise at home or go to the gym! The BFR Bands have significantly contributed to a faster recovery from my surgeries. Periodically I will go for my long jog without the Bands and have been so amazed at the notable improvement in cardiovascular fitness and strength. For the exercise hesitant due to obesity, injury, time constraints, etc this is a great way to improve your health and immunity. I highly recommend B3 BFR Bands.

Dr. Dan Dewar
Portage, IN

Since using the B3 Bands, I have noticed an overall increase in strength and an increase in muscle definition that I have not seen in many years. Also, my blood pressure has decreased and my energy level has improved as well.

Lori Diamos
Chicago, IL

As a wife, parent to two active kids, and a physical therapist in outpatient, orthopedics, and sports medicine for over 25 years B3 bands’ innovative technology and evidenced based health research are a game changer that help people with busy lifestyles remove many of those common health and fitness obstacles. In just 10-20 minutes my family can easily find time for fitness again, my kids can do sport specific training, and my PT clients young to old who are weak, painful, or recovering from an injury or surgery can now get easier, faster improvements in strength and function with less time, effort and workload needed on their part. B3 bands are a win win for those able to use them!

Dr. Clint Dickason
Castle Rock, CO

When I was first introduced to the B3 BFR Bands I was skeptical. Seemed to good to be true. I am an ex-college athlete of multiple sports, was a certified strength and conditioning coach(CSCS), and am now a practicing Chiropractor, so the science was intriguing and made sense to me. The results I got with using the B3 BFR Bands in my workouts spoke volumes for me on the value/importance of utilizing the BFR. I am now able to workout/train at the levels of intensity that I love but I don’t get the wear and tear on my joints like I did with traditionally weight training. These bands are a game changer for me with my personal health and for my patients in my practice!

Shelly Dugger
Owasso, OK
Monta Evans
Lebanon, IN

The B3 bands are a game changer. I can get an amazing workout using half the weight in less than 20 minutes. I love my bands, use them every day. Now that I am a Certified BFR Coach, I can share this breakthrough technology with everyone.

Jess Faria
Victorville, CA

My experience with the B3 Bands has been amazing. My workouts feel more intense and the results have been shockingly good! I’m excited to start sharing the bands as a BFR Certified Coach!

Kristin Fellows
Logan, Utah

I have loved using the B3 BFR Bands. They keep my workouts simple, efficient and effective. I have more energy, I’m sleeping better and have more muscle definition.

Keith Ferger
Winston-Salem, NC

I got on board with B3 to help speed up my recovery from my Neck Fusion surgery. I healed 2 months sooner than normal. I also lost 20 lbs in 2 months and toned up. Now I am excited to share and teach everyone about B3 Bands.

Amy Fielding
Smithfield UT

I love the B3 Bands. My workouts are now short and I can do them anywhere!. My body has changed fast and I feel younger and more energized. I tell everyone I know and meet about B3 Bands.

Bill Findlay
Wall Township, New Jersey

I’m a life-long athlete; college basketball, men’s leagues, golf, skiing and swimming. I’ve had a rough 3 years – beating cancer (thank God) and three surgeries for cervical stenosis. Two in 2023 alone. All of this has sped up the aging process and has taken me to a shell of my former self.
Thank the Lord for my friend Mike Keenan who introduced me to B3! My surgeon at HSS in NYC looked into the product, company and science, and said absolutely use the bands during physical therapy. I’ve been using the bands for three weeks, and have seen noticeable improvements in my stamina, strength and atrophy reversal. Looking forward to “getting back to the future!”

Justin Frandson
Newport Beach, CA

B3 has found the real science behind natural growth production and they have an incredible product to support your improved performance. I use the B3 Bands myself and with my clients. You will love them and the unlimited benefits.

Jenny Frederick
Warrens, WI

As a nurse and avid exerciser, I love the research and science behind B3 BFR bands. I first started using them during my recovery from hamstring surgery but have now also incorporated them into my daily exercise routine! I have experienced the great rehab, strength, endurance and whole body benefits of BFR and can’t wait to educate and coach other people as well!

Dr. John Friedrichs DC
Brookfield, WI

B3 Bands are the best – BEST – way to build endurance, build strength, rehab, tone and lose weight if desired. I own a Chiropractic facility and a Wellness Aesthetic Center and we encourage all our weight loss clients to use B3 3-4 times per week. No more long workouts. No more pain after working out. No more soreness the next day. Best of all – BETTER results EVERY TIME.

Michael Garrison
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I’ve been using the B3 Bands for a few weeks now and have noticed an immediate improvement in my endurance and stamina. As an avid long distance hiker and cyclist I’m already in great shape however I can see that using BFR is tapping into further gains I didn’t realize were waiting for me!

Brooke Gauvin
Valencia, CA

I am a physical therapist and use the B3 BFR Bands on myself as well as my patients. I am an ex collegiate soccer player and have never been in as good of shape as I have since using B3 bands. I love B3 because the opportunities are limitless and you can help anybody. You can help people go from I want it to I have it. If you haven’t tried B3 BFR Bands, give it an try and you’ll see what a difference it can make in your life.

Ronnie George
Bonita Springs, FL

At 80 years young, I am in the best shape of my life. I love that I can get Growth Hormone release with light and short workouts. As an elite track and swim athlete, within a few weeks of using the B3 Bands, I improved my starting and running time in the 50 meter run and well as seeing improvement in my 50 meter swim.

Dr. Ken Gilbertson
Bridgeton, MO

Since Covid, my gym visits were ended so my workout was limited until I started using the B3 Bands in October 2020. I now have my gym at home and use the B3 Bands daily. I get a great workout in 20 minutes. My legs, arms and chest have shown improved size and strength.

Dr. Mark Gould
Vernon Hills, Illinois
For me B3 Bands were a life saver. Exercise, Vigorous Exercise is essential to your physical as well as mental health and in my case I can say I was in a real rut for years. I really forgot what if felt like to feel at my peak but within 3 weeks The Burn changed my entire perspective, gave me my energy back, a return to my mental serenity and physically I never felt better/stronger. Hoping now I can go change some lives.
Dr. Matt Grant
Solon, OH

Thanks to B3 bands, I have been able to workout effectively and efficiently, without flaring up a chronic neck injury. My neck and entire body is feeling better than ever!

Ryan Green
Logan, UT

I’m Ryan Green a Physical Therapist. I use the B3 BFR Bands regularly with patients and myself. They give you a great work out without heavy weights that can cause pain and injuries.

Guy Greene
Cape Girardeau, MO
Linda Gregersen
Idaho Falls, ID

I always knew that someday I would find the perfect exercise for me. B3 BFR Bands help me stay fit and healthy in the comfort of my office, between patients. I love the simplicity.

Jeannine Groll
Preston, ID

I love my B3 Bands and exercise 6 days a week with them. I feel so much more energy, save a lot of time in my trainng, and I am no longer sore all the time. I was even able to come off my thyroid medication. I feel about 10 years younger!

Danny Groll
Preston, ID

I love B3 because the opportunities are limitless and you can help everyone. It is not just for one age group, one problem or one goal, it helps all around, old, young, strong, weak, obese, and underweight.

Chris Groll
Preston, ID

I love my B3 Bands. I have been going to the gym for years, and for years not getting any results. I knew what I needed to do. But I could not lift the heavy weights like I did when I was younger. After using the B3 bands I realized my experience at the gym was just an activity. Now when I exercise with the B3 bands I get the deep burn and muscle fatigue that helps me get results with half the weight and 1/3 the time. Its true “once you go bands, you won’t go back!”

Brandon Hahs
Jackson, MO

B3 Sciences has changed my life and the way I work out forever. I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Mike DeBord for introducing me to the science behind BFR Training and I love sharing it with everyone Do you BFR? If you don’t….you should!

Gerry Halverson
Berthoud, CO

I’ve worked in the fitness business for over 30 years, B3 – BFR bands have produced strength gain results like nothing I’ve ever seen in my training career. If you’re looking to get stronger in a fast, effective, safe way B3 – BFR Bands are the solution!

Dr. Grace Hameister
Los Angeles, CA / Milwaukee, WI

As a former Olympic-level rhythmic gymnast and world champion waterskier, I have come in contact with a lot of devices and techniques to optimize athletic peak performance. B3 bands are my new essential! Nothing else on the market can increase human growth hormone naturally while preserving my body from having to do excessive exercise that can create injury over time. B3 science and safety is untouchable.

Lisa Hansen
Rexburg, Idaho

After coming off of two shoulder and two wrist surgeries, I was looking for a more efficient way to exercise and stay healthy. I found B3 Sciences and got on the Bands. It helped me recover quickly and to my surprise significantly reduced my pain. I use them daily now and to feel energized. People ask how I look and feel so vibrant . . . it’s all because of the B3 Bands!

Kaitlin Hartt
Colorado Springs, CO

B3 Bands have taken my strength training and muscle growth to the next level! Not only have I seen huge transformation in my physique but also in my cognitive and overall health. These are an outstanding investment in my life!

Juan Hartt
Colorado Springs, CO

The B3 bands have allowed me to train in a time efficient manner and get great results in or out of the gym.

Debbie Hawkins
Las Vegas, NV

There are just no more excuses for working out when it only takes 15 minutes with B3 BFR Bands and you get fabulous results! I have been using the Bands for 15 minutes 5 days a week for the last few months typically while I do pilates or ride my bike. I am finally building back muscle with no pain or inflammation from overuse of joints etc. I have more energy for the things I want to do and am generally growing younger everyday.

Jeaneane Henson
Bonsall, CA

Having been a fitness trainer for 45 years, I have seen it all. I have never seen a tool quite as revolutionary as the B3 BFR Bands. They can be used on my clients who have injuries, those that have little time to exercise, and the possibilities to help the veteran challenged athletes supported by my foundation is exciting!

Melissa Herbers
St. George, UT

My Experience with the B3 BFR Bands has brought a whole new level of energy and peak performance! I feel stronger, healthier and energized.

Melcena Horn
Vian, OK

As a Functional Nutrition Health Coach I strive to empower myself and clients with evidence-based innovative tools along with nutritional supplements for positive changes. I have made great changes in my own health improving my Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto thyroiditis and Blood Pressure issues all naturally but, I still had a difficult time exercising due to extreme pain and fatigue. With B3 BFR Bands my strength and muscle tone increased significantly in a short period of time, with no pain and fatigue, my blood pressure is better than ever before, my sleep and energy level is so much better and I Enjoy using B3 BFR Bands!

Dr. Dan Hyatt
Oak Creek, WI

Years of working out with heavy weights have led to a recent surgery of my left shoulder, as well as the need for a hernia repair. I thought my days of getting the burn from a long, hard workout were over. Then I was introduced to the B3 Bands! I am now back to having incredible workouts WITHOUT risking wearing out my shoulders, hips, or spine. I can get in a GREAT daily workout using half the weight amounts, AND my workouts are done in less than half of my normal time! I am so greatful for the B3 Bands!

Larry Indiviglia
San Diego, CA

The B3 Sciences Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands are the most innovative, safe, versatile and effective fitness tools that I have ever used. As a 30+ year fitness professional I am convinced that the B3 BFR bands have been instrumental in improving my overall muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular health and overall fitness and well-being. I will use them consistently for the rest of my life and highly recommend my clients and others that I share the B3 BFR bands with do the same.

Kaye Jacobson
Nibley, UT

B3 Bands are life changing. They have helped me in many ways but can be summed up with three words: increased strength, improved health, more energy!

Dr. Jack Janssen
Green Bay, WI

Over the years, like many people, the demands and responsibilities of raising a family and running a business and keeping up with all the projects around the house, etc…there was never enough extra time or energy for going to the gym or getting a substantial workout in. After just one workout, I was hooked on the B3 BFR Bands! In just a short workout I felt a great ‘pump’ in my muscle, and ‘felt the burn’ like after a much longer, much more intense gym workout. I even wear them while working in the yard raking leaves, cutting grass, etc. I love the results from wearing the B3 BFR Bands!

Harold Jaynes
Jacksonville, FL

At 65 and having experienced back pain daily for 50 years, I’m always looking for products that can keep my back pain to a minimum due to nine vertebrae being fused in 1973. I rarely feel it at all now after using the B3 Bands for a few months. I’ve also wanted to add muscle to my body and I’ve added almost an inch to my arms, thighs and chest, so needless to say I am thrilled!

Dr. Steve Jennings
Rensselar, IN

Exercising with B3 bands technology is the most revolutionary way to exercise that I have seen in my 43 years of chiropractic practice. All of the benefits that that you have heard about exercise can be done in 10 to 20 minutes a day with better results for both health and rehab from pain and injuries.

Christine Jennings
Rensselar, IN

I started wearing B3 Bands and noticed outstanding results! I have more energy,  I look forward to running and working out, and my body feels like a teenager in my mid 40’s.  As a Massage Therapist, I began introducing B3 Bands to my clientele and it’s been a game changer.  Once you switch to B3 Bands you will never want to go back to traditional methods!

Angie Jerome
Providence, UT

I am an RN and I have been into natural healing and health for over 25 years. I noticed early on in my career that the medical field was not working well to get people healthy or even to keep them healthy. I love teaching the importance of nutrition and being active for great health. My mother died at a very young age due to weight and health problems. I decided then that I would never go down that road and I wanted to help anyone else that wanted to to get healthy and stay healthy the right way. I started to run marathons and eat more healthy many years ago which has kept me healthy. When I learned about the B3 bands this last year, I knew it would go right along with my philosophy of health and healing. I am looking forward to teaching others and sharing my knowledge and experience.

Tora Johnson
North Logan, UT

As a busy Pilates studio owner I am excited to add B3 bands to my classes. My clients love the idea of “working smarter not harder” when doing their home workouts. Personally I was finding it hard to get good workouts in while I am giving all my energy in training clients. Since using the B3 Bands I have more energy and can quality get workouts in a short amount of time.

Michael Jones
Sarasota, FL

No one can guess my age now. Working out with the B3 Bands has allowed me to put on muscle size that I could not achieve before, and I was already working out regularly. I also believe the benefits to my cardiovascular system which were compromised in the past, will now stay in the past. Giving up heavy weights for better results is amazing.

Brad Kahn
Vancouver, Canada

Training with B3 BFR Bands has changed the game. I went from training 13+ hours per week for a half Ironman to 7 hours and was still as fast as I was in 2018. My energy is up, my sleep is better, I am stronger and I feel like I am 25 again! Couldn’t imagine myself, my family or my clients not using B3 Bands as a staple in our daily routine.

Mike Keenan
Manasquan, NJ

I have been in practice for 40 years, my first 20 as a Certified Athletic Trainer working in Physical Therapy Clinics. I left physical therapy in 2002 to open the first Medical Fitness Training studio in Manasquan, New Jersey. Whether you are an injured professional athlete, or a 80 year old post rotator cuff repair senior citizen, you lack the ability to utilize enough resistance to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers, where function, speed and power comes from.

This problem is solved in the B3 BFR Bands. In just a week’s time, my clients are reporting increased strength, endurance, function, and a sense of accomplishment they have never experienced before. I have a client who is currently awaiting knee surgery, who can use the B3 Bands to keep his leg strong on the stationary bike, side leg lifts and calf raises. He loves it! B3 Science has completely changed my 40 years of practice, literally overnight!

Mikey Keenan
Manasquan, NJ

My experience with the B3 FR bands has been spectacular! I am a personal trainer and using the B3 Bands on my clients has been a game changer for accomplishing their goals! It’s also been a game changer for my goals and I cannot wait to share these with friends and family!

Judyann Klco
Coalville, UT

As a Massage Therapist, Ski Instructor & Mountain Bike enthusiast, I understand how our bodies move, learn & heal. After a severe leg injury in 2019 I was able to build back muscle, strength & endurance needed to get back to my job & sports! B3 BFR Bands technology has been a paradigm shift in the way I work out & I continue to use them 5-6 days/week. My entire family, clients & friends LOVE the B3 BFR Bands because they are time saving, produce results, are easy to use and you can take them anywhere.

Alex Kory
The Woodlands, TX
Denise Kuhn
Victorville, CA

Exercising in these bands has been amazing! I get high intensity growth hormone release at low intensity exercise levels. I got tired of looking at my moms body in the mirror… so I had to take action! I love that I can exercise without pain and still see big results! I will never exercise without the B3 Bands again!

Cassandra La Madrid
Clackamas, OR

Utilizing the B3 BFR bands has allowed me to get better work out sessions regardless of my situation. They are great with no weights during traveling, when the gym shut downs during a pandemic, sessions where I’m short on time but still want to get a high intensity work out, or even during weeks my body is feeling a little beat up and need a break from heavy weights. I feel like I am able to maximize every work out session when I use BFR.

Carol Lake
Cleveland, OH

As a Certified Health Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master, Ageless Grace Educator and a B3 BFR Certified Coach, I have the tools to help maximize my client’s results, to not only feel great but to thrive. Before I introduce any innovative technology, I wanted proof that what I present my clients and patients work. I have been using the B3 BFR bands and all I can say is that my results are incredible! My body is leaner, and my energy is through the roof using half the weight and half the time working out. By incorporating the B3 BFR Bands, you too can have increased muscle mass, burn fat, heal faster and be more resistant to injury. This is truly the Fountain of Youth. I am so excited to be a part of this team and look forward to working with you directly toward Total Wellness using the Bands.

Stew Larsen
Castle Pines, CO

I joined B3 Sciences in September 2019 and I workout with them at least four days each week. To this day I am amazed at the results I have experienced, I continue to look for new workout routines using the bands and I love sharing all this with folks I meet, knowing that they can change their lives with the B3 Bands!

Sarah Larsen
Logan, UT

Since joining the B3 Sciences family I have the most efficient way to exercise saving me time and giving me new found energy. My new motto is: “We are in a Health & Fitness Revolution and exercising will never be the same again. Join me to feel the burn, you won’t regret it!

Mike Larsen
Logan, UT

Did you workout when you were younger? Do you workout now and aren’t seeing the same results? Welcome to getting older! Luckily for me, and my wife, there is an answer to getting the results like we used to. As a B3 BFR Certified Coach I have found the solution to be healthier, feel younger, have more energy and be more focused to live the life I want. Join me to Feel the Burn, Live the Lifestyle, and Join the Revolution!

Craig Laughlin
Longville, MN

Motivated by a mind blowing 7 3/4″ increase in my vertical jump, the complete healing of a chronic torn hamstring tendon, and astonishing improvements in several biomarkers of aging, I chose to become a serious student of BFR’s effects on human performance, health, and aging. I was the first B3 Consultant to earn the title of B3 BFR Certified Coach.

Raina Le Duc
Saint George, UT

As a 52 year old woman who has always eaten well, exercised and having been a former health coach, I was completely frustrated by my slow yearly weight gain. I knew I needed to get into a “Burn” but my body couldn’t handle it anymore. Achiness, stiffness, back pain and days of recovery from one day of a one hour High Intensity Training was the par. The B3 BFR Bands have totally changed this for me! I’m gaining muscle, shedding fat and cellulite and feeling better than ever. Thank you B3 Sciences for bringing hope and wellness back into my life!

Rita Losee, ScD, RN
Brunswick, ME

As a Soaring Senior, I encountered some of the health challenges of being an octogenarian even as I was
leading Silver Sneakers classes. A long-term endurance athlete, including a 12 hour and 45 minute Hawaii
Ironman finish at age 46, I am using B3 Sciences bands to regain lost capacity. As so many seniors suffer from poor health, I am eager to help them gain, regain, and sustain their health and capacity.

Steven Machek
Waco, TX

As a doctoral student at Baylor University, I have the amazing opportunity to use B3 bands for research purposes. Categorically, the innovative and empirically effective design of those blood flow restriction cuffs is the best option to accomplish your training goals.

Amy Mair
Santa Clara, UT

The B3 BFR Bands have helped me to experience a shorter workout while increasing my burn. I love that I can use these for my swim routine, weight lifting and whatever movement I am working on. As a physical therapist assistant, who was already familiar with BFR, I am excited for the ease of home use and safety features with the B3 Bands.

Dr. Linda Makuta
Encino, CA

As a dentist, my practice philosophy is to help my patients live a life of vitality, health, and wellness. Typically, I can check in regularly with my patients 2, 3 or even 4 times a year. I assess to see if they are maintaining or improving health. I am able to make suggestions like using the B3 Bands to increase energy and fitness. My work may start in the mouth, but as a health care practitioner, I feel it is my duty to assist my patients in maximizing their overall wellness for as long as they are able. B3 Bands are now part of my arsenal to help my patients do just that. I think everyone should be on the B3 Bands!

Stacy Marble
Ogden, UT

I had reached the point to were I was in pain all the time. I could not go up and down stairs, do my gardening or yard work,  and could barely get through my 10 hour shifts at work.  I had given up on going to the gym, sporting activities, or exercise at all, because I hurt so much.  B3 has helped me regain my mobility, reduced my pain and cramping in my legs. I have hope again, because B3 has given me a way to exercise, and get my health back.


Rob Marinaccio
Rockville, MD

I used to have borderline high blood pressure. Since using B3 Bands, I can work out from home 10 minutes a day and my blood pressure is normal. I have seen impressive gains in muscle and lost body fat. If you’re serious about your health, B3 Bands will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Kate McCann, DC, CACCP
Brookfield, WI

The bands have been a game changer for adding workouts back into my routine. As a busy working mom of 2 I have time even on my busiest of days for a workout which is so important for self care. No recovery time or soreness is such a great bonus too!

Ken McCullough
Beachwood, NJ

B3 BFR Bands have reinvigorated my fitness routine; less time, and more efficient workouts. Now I feel like I can compete in any race I chose.  As a home trainer, I am focused on getting my clients better results without needing to carry around heavy dumbbells or have big fitness equipment. The B3 BFR Bands are perfect!

Esta McIntyre
Ivins, UT

After a back injury put me on the sidelines, this nearly 67-year old began to worry about muscle loss, bone density issues and more. As a top-rated health and lifestyle coach, author of the best-selling book ‘Fitness for Women Who Love to Eat and Hate to Move,’ I was hunting for a way to stay fit in spite of my physical challenge. I’m blessed to have been introduced to the B3 bands. I’m able to hold onto and build muscle, stand upright and keep moving without causing further injury. I believe in the B3 BFR Bands and what they can do for aging and injured populations.

Ty McMillan
Preston, ID

B3 Bands are amazing and have done so much for so many including myself and my clients I have. The growth, change and development you can gain by putting them on for 20 minutes a day speaks for themselves.

TJ McNiff
St. Louis Park, MN

I started using the B3 Bands at the end of February 2020. Being a Fitness Coach already, they just made sense, how could I not try them. The results I’ve seen in only the first 9 months are incredible.

Ali McWilliams
Wildwood, MO

I’ve been an athlete my whole life and have been in the fitness industry since the early 90’s as an instructor, trainer, studio owner and life coach. I have never experienced anything like the B3 bands! Not only have they changed how I workout and train others, they’ve been instrumental with my battle in overcoming long-Covid and navigating perimenopause. I’m excited to share this hope with other women.

Tammy Mendenhall
Preston, ID

I love my B3 Bands. They allowed me to compete in a Half Ironman. What was amazing was I was hardly sore afterword. In addition, I have dropped inches on my waist, dropped body fat percentage and best of all, I feel younger and have more energy every day!

Jeff Meyers
Jacksonville, FL

After working out in the gym consistently for the last 25 years, COVID caused me to leave the gym and start working out at home. I found it very difficult to find the motivation to workout with the same intensity as I did at the gym while at home. B3 bands have changed my life. I’m seeing faster gains with only 20 minutes a day than I did in a whole year of high-intensity gym workouts!

William J Miller Ph.D.
Washington, UT

Being in the Health & Wellness industry for years, I was skeptical. However, after working out with the B3 BFR Bands and with closer research, the science clearly supported that BFR was indeed a revolutionary breakthrough in exercise. The B3 Bands are a game changer for myself and my clients. B3 and the science behind it, is a major way to a healthier you. Body, Mind & Soul.

Kristin Mitchell
Bixby, OK

I love using the B3 Bands for a great workout in less time. They are easy to add to any current routine and compliments the hard work you are already doing. With the B3 bands, you can get more out of any workout.

Brian Morgan
Melbourne, FL

I have been using the B3 Bands about four months and have been able to replace my regular strength training. I have gained muscle tissue and a long term issue with one of my shoulders has definitely improved.

Cinda Morgan
South Jordan, Utah

As a mental health professional I know the importance of the mind/body connection. Because of some health issues I’ve had in the last couple of years, I have felt the impact of poor health on my mental health. Thanks to the B3 bands I am not only feeling better physically, I am also much healthier mentally as well.

Dr. Jordan Mousley
Salt Lake City, Utah

I love how I can rehab faster, get stronger easier, and overall feel better with the B3 BFR Bands. It’s a smarter and more efficient approach to health and wellness

Lance Murphy
St George, Utah

I love not being tied to a gym but I was having trouble bulking with my TRX system at home. Including B3 bands to my routine improved my results without requiring more time or a gym membership.

Dr. John Murray
Clinton, NJ

The application of B3 BFR Bands technology has been a tremendously useful addition to my training regimen. The benefits have been apparent on many levels, by far exceeding my high expectations. I will be recommending B# BFR Bands to everyone!

Ben Onelove
Hudson, WI
Danny Osborn
Culver, IN

I suffered from chronic back pain for years. After using the B3 Bands for three weeks, my back pain diminished significantly, I lost 10 lbs, and 2% body fat! I love the fact that I can get these kinds of results with just a 20 min workout. I am B3 for life!

Dr. Ken Otto
Appleton, WI

I’ve been involved in athletics on some level since grade school. Former college athlete, a multi-time Ironman finisher and bike enthusist in recent years. Training volume, load and long hours of training are a thing of the past. The metabolic benefits of BFR training are vast, profound, and an absolute game changer for anyone willing to use the B3 BFR Bands consistently as recommended. I’m so excited to recommend these to my patients who are open to discovering the benefits that await them with this new revolutionary system.

Mitch Otto
Appleton, WI

After going through a multi ligament knee injury I was unsure of what the future looked like. Since using the B3 BFR Bands with my rehab, not only does my knee feel better than before it was injured, overall I feel healthier and stronger. My favorite part of using B3 Bands is it takes little time away from my day and my workouts still feel full and complete.

Levi Otto
Appleton, WI

I grew up involved in a multitude of different sports and athletics before I finally landed on cycling as my passion. As a competitive person I have never been shy to put in the extra hard work but after the discovery of B3 BFR Bands it was no longer a need to work harder when I am now training smarter. B3 BFR Bands have been a night and day difference in my training, feeling stronger on days I am not wearing them and saving myself long hours of riding that are better served wearing the bands. Seeing the abundance of applications that B3 bands are useful for makes them a great addition for all individuals.

Amy Pickett
Hoopeston, IL
Paul Plummer
Carmel, IN

The B3 Bands have become an integral part of my coaching and rehabilitation programs at PXP Endurance. They are helping my athletes of all ages make faster gains in their training and performance.

Rebecca Poppe
Portage, UT
Bob Poston
Bridgeville, DE

In over 50 years of fitness training and coaching, I have never experienced the effects of any training protocol as I have with the B3 BFR Bands. With two total hip replacements (THR) in the last 5 years and turning 65 this year, my training regimen needed to be modified. The B3 BFR bands have allowed me to train my lower body like I did pre-THR, but in less than half the time and with light to body weight only. Thank you, B3 Sciences and Dr. Mike DeBord.

Gaylord Rhodes
Las Vegas, NV

Working with the B3 Bands doing light flex band work and swinging for short periods with the Bands on has enabled me to regain lost distance and maintain my physical strength and balance throughout my rounds what a difference it makes in my ability to remained physically strong throughout my rounds.

So excited to now be a B3 Certified Coach. Looking forward to adding the bands to my coaching programs which will give me the opportunity and ability to provide a complete golf performance package for their game that also includes the physical training they need to reach their best performance and distance goals.

Doug Richman
Charlotte, NC

When using the B3 Bands I receive the most significant “burn” that I have ever had even though I have done several exercise programs including P90X2, P90X3, and Body Beast. In the first 2 weeks following the Weight Loss and Tone program, I lost 9 lbs.

Connie Ricks
Saint Cloud, FL

I recently lost over 70 lbs. I quickly realized, I needed to build lean muscle and increase my metabolism in order to keep the weight off. Thanks to the B3 Bbands, I have been able to get into great shape and add muscle in less than 20 minutes a day.

Tonya Risser
Peoria, AZ

I could not be more excited to start this journey as a B3 Sciences Certified Coach, the training was fantastic! After a major health crisis nearly 10 years ago, my body hasn’t been the same since. I have done my part to heal, but working out and seeing results has felt impossible. After only a couple weeks on the bands I can honestly say I am noticing muscle mass in my legs again. I could not work out like I use to and get results. I now have a way to continue to heal, build muscle mass, and heal my body. I now have a way to help others to achieve results with their health struggles and to increase HGH levels without putting unnecessary weight on their joints. Thank you B3 Sciences!

Jeanie Robbins
Stevensville, MT

I got started with B3 Bands at the suggestion of a friend I trusted.  I set out to put them to the test for a month then make up my mind.  I was shocked at how quickly I could see improvement in my muscle form with so little effort on my part.  I love that it is your body doing the work and producing what it needs.  Grateful I found B3 Bands.

Jamin Rock
Lehi, UT

The B3 bands are a must-have. They optimize my time and effort working out. They help me excel and the recovery time is amazing. I workout half as long and get better results.

Pedro Roman
Cartagena, Colombia

I have lifted weights for all my life, and then I tried the B3 Bands. I was surprised at how fast my body changed with the Bands, I was not seeing results like this with longer and harder workouts. I love being a new BFR Coach. I now have a BFR education that will allow me to help a lot of people in Colombia with better health and fitness.

Ocean Rose
Lake Montezuma, AZ

Since using the B3 bands, I have noticed a significant reduction in arthritic and back pain pain due to the after-effects of a traumatic hiking accident. The muscle atrophy due to being confined to a wheel chair for more than a year and because of aging is being reversed and I am gaining new muscle strength beyond where I was before. The release of HgH and Nitric Oxide is a huge benefit on so many levels. I am very happy and proud to be a part of the B3 Team!

Jim Russell
Columbia, SC

Within 5 minutes of trying the B3 bands and feeling the burn and pump I knew I had finally found a way to fatigue my muscles without the wear and tear of using heavy weights. As an obstacle course mud run athlete they will allow me to strength train and run trails the same day without overtraining, plus I am tapping into a Growth Hormone response with every workout!

Susie Schiering
Westerville, OH

I love the B3 BFR Bands and how you can work out more effectively in a shorter amount of time. Anyone can fit exercise in their schedule now! Using the B3 Bands has given me energy and now I do not have the afternoon yawns and exhaustion. The Bands have really helped get through my days with more pep in my step!

Debbie Schultz
Hooper, UT

As an Esthetician and a Naturopath I know the importance of Human Growth Hormone and Nitric Oxide. I love how in 10-20 minutes a day day you can reduce inflammation, build muscle, build bones, improve your cardiovascular system, improve your immune system, improve your mental health, increase your energy levels and slow the aging process down with B3 Bands. I really enjoyed the B3 BFR Coach Training. I learned so much and I am so excited to share my new knowledge with others. I love helping others improve their health and the B3 Bands have become one of my favorite tools to do that with!

Carole Seegmiller
St. George, UT

From my first workout with B3 BFR Bands, I loved how they made me feel, and I’ve been hooked on a daily workout ever since. I can think of no other way to get such high-quality workouts in a short time with real results, including pain control and toning up. I’ve also have recognized the benefits for several family members with chronic health issues.

Eli Self
Noblesville, IN

Working out has always been something that I love to do but between college and my other responsibilities it was hard to get a good workout in. Now with the B3 Bands, I can get an amazing workout in a lot less time.

Heather Sharp
Rexburg, ID

The B3 bands have changed how I exercise in amazing ways! I have seen amazing benefits working smarter, not harder. I’m so excited to have found such an incredible way to stay fit and healthy!

Dr. Stacy Shropshire
Madison, Wisconsin

I love these bands and everyone I have introduced them to does as well! I have been in the rehab arena for 30 years with an undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy, a doctorate of Chiropractic and I am a Diplomat of Chiropractic Rehabilitation. I have never seen an easier, more effective way to integrate exercise into someone’s lifestyle to improve their health!

Kelley Simpson
Fryeburg, ME

After experiencing dramatic muscle loss after having Covid; I was spending hours a week at the gym with a personal trainer building back muscle and strength. It was time consuming, expensive, and intense on the body; I needed to find a different way. I’m thrilled I found the B3 bands and can now workout in 1/2 the time, with light weights, and have time to do the things I really love; hike, dance, do yoga, walk and STILL get all of the benefits of vigorous exercise. Total game changer.

Cody Sipe
Searcy, AR

The first time I tried the bands I was blown away by the burn and pump I felt even with using a really light resistance band. I now incorporate B3 bands into almost all of my workouts and am getting great results without having to spend as much time in the gym as before. I wish I would have started sooner.

Dr. Tom Smith
Mukwonago WI

I started using the B3 BFR Bands 6 days ago, daily with my arms and legs. I have already noticed more definition in my arms and more strength in both arms and legs! The B3 BFR Bands are an incredible workout and very safe.

Holly Spatig
Franklin, ID

Since starting to use the B3 bands, I have been able to reduce my medications and the pain from my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia has lessened considerably. I have lymphedema in my legs and using them on my arms has helped my whole body. Before using B3 bands I was not able to exercise without pain. Now for the first time in my life I was able to feel the burn and receive the benefits of HGH.

Trevor Stahl
Roanoke, VA

As a multi fitness business owner and physical therapist assistant, I am blown away by the results achieved with the B3 BFR Bands. Whether with a patient or myself, the B3 Bands allow strength training and rehab recovery with lighter load while decreasing the amount of time spent during each session. The B3 Bands have become apart of my weekly workout regimen and are even great to travel with.

Lana Stevenson
San Diego, CA

As a former competitive Marathon runner, at the age of 63, I have been unable to get speed back without getting injured.
Training with the B3 BFR Bands for 3 months has enabled me to increase my pace by 51 seconds per mile on a 7 mile run and my body has never felt better. I feel really strong with zero aches or pains. I am LOVING it!

Art Still
Kansas City, MO

The B3 BFR Bands has been an important part of “Extending My Shelf Life!” It has been a game changer both mentally and physically. Now that I am BFR Certified, I look forward to passing this scientific breakthrough with everyone.

Sheila Stirling, PhD
Las Vegas, NV

Growing younger and stronger every time I use the bands I can feel the strength growing within. Love my B3 bands

Leslie Thomas
Fort Collins, CO
Maurice Thomas
Dallas, TX

B3 bands have literally changed my life. My body has completely transformed. I sleep better, think sharper and faster, look and feel much younger.  My back pain is gone, I could go on and on. Ladies and gentlemen this is the future of exercise and rehab. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this technology before my father passed of congestive heart failure.

Penny Tolman
Preston, ID

I’m a pole vaulter and hurdler with goals to increase speed, stamina and my vertical for competition at a world track meet. I’ve become a B3 “BANDit” in only 2 months. As a “Bandit” I have robbed 2 min from my 5K time, increased to 10×200 sprints intervals, and recover faster with less soreness. My resting heart rate is lower and I am so excited to get to compete again to measure how many “golds” I can steal this year in track.

Karen Troxel
Wakarusa, IN

I love the versatility of the B3 bands! I can complete an intense 20 minute workout, go for a quick walk with my dog, do a fast 3 minute guns or 4 minute booty workout or simply do chores around the house (the options are endless) and I get great results. I love my B3 bands!

Taylor Troxel
Wakarusa, IN

This course was extremely helpful and motivating to spread the word on the B3 bands. It provided me with a deep knowledge on the physiology behind how the bands work, as well as allowed me to compare them with other competing brands. It was made extremely evident that the B3 bands are the superior choice in regard to BFR training. This course touches on the physiology, characteristics of the bands, protocols, and contraindications. I would highly encourage everybody and their brother to take this phenomenal course.

Tyler Tsujimoto
Midvale, UT

I had been a fitness professional for 20 years when I first discovered the B3 BFR bands.  I had tried almost every type of training imaginable.  I had seen and used dozens of the gimmicky fitness products that promised amazing results (none of which delivered on those promises).  When I used the B3 bands for the first time, I was blown away at the way my body felt during and after the quick 20-minute session.  I felt a burn in my muscles like I had never had before!  The “pump” was unlike anything I had felt!  My usual aches and pains were gone.  My energy was supercharged.  I now implement the B3 bands in my own daily training and all of my clients are using them on a regular basis as well!  Simply put, the B3 bands work better than anything else and in order for you to reach your true potential, you need to use them now!

Amy Twiggs
St. George, UT

As a former US National Team and Stanford University gymnast, my body is a bit worn out. I found the B3 Bands and chose to start using them as a way to get my legs back in shape before having to get both knees replaced. While using the Bands, I could immediately feel “the burn” that I haven’t felt since my competitive years. I love the results I am seeing and feeling as a result of using the bands daily for the past few months. I feel confident that the recovery time of my knee surgeries will be significantly reduced due to the result of getting in shape while using the B3 Bands.

William Van Kirk
Irvine, CA

When I first heard of BFR bands I thought they were too good to be true. Sure enough, after using them only a few times I already felt an improvement in my muscles’ recovery and how much quicker my muscle mass and strength was coming back from not having worked out consistently for over a year. Being able to cut my hour-plus workout down to 10-15 minutes has been a game changer. I won’t go back to working out the traditional way again.

Dr. Alfredo Vazquez
League City, TX

After years of studying resistance training, I have found the B3 Bands to be effective and easy to use for everybody. I have found they allow me to push my body in a shorter amount of time during the week.

Jacqueline Vessel
Red Oak, TX

WHAT A GAME CHANGER! The B3 BFR Bands have helped me become more consistent with my exercise goals. I’ve gone from hour long workouts to needing just 20 minutes a few times a week to feel the burn and achieve my fitness goals.

Kim Wanemacher
Bourbon, IN

Prior to being introduced to the B3 bands, I was on a ten-year search to find relief from my fibromyalgia pain. The B3 bands have given me back my strength, desire to exercise, and hope to live a life more fully with a lot less pain

Hannah Wanemacher
Bourbon, IN

Being an exercise science major, B3 has helped broaden my understanding of how high intensity exercise impacts the human body. For me personally, it has given me the breakthrough to increase my metabolism, lose weight, and gain strength that I was unable to do prior to the bands with traditional exercise

Bryce Wanemacher
South Bend, IN

Tapping into growth hormone and muscle fatigue in a much shorter time span has changed the way I go about my workouts. The B3 bands have changed my life. They are an incredible breakthrough in both physical and mental health that far too many people are unaware of.

Dr. Susie Warden
Wheaton, IL

I have been a Chiropractor for 25 years, with an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology. My focus has always been to strengthen the muscles that are weak, lengthen the tight ones and help everyone with posture, nutrition and being a better version of themselves daily. These B3 bands are creating life changing results!

Tracy Warhop
South Bend, IN

Working out with the B3 bands technology is the best way to exercise. It has done amazing things for my own health and my clients. The Bands have helped to tone my body and have given me a faster fatigue. In only 10-20 minutes, the B3 Bands allow me to get a quick, effective and deeper workout. There is no other way to workout!

Lisa Watts
Arvada, CO

Exercising with B3 changed my life. I went from a nothing works anymore middle age brick wall to the absolute best physical shape of my life. I’ve lost 20+ pounds, have rock solid muscle tone and best of all my energy levels are amazing. I’ve improved court speed and agility in pickleball and my physical endurance and stamina rivals that of much younger friends. All the little aches here and there are gone. I am a B3 believer, coach and motivator for life!

Mary Wellmon
Logan, UT

I love working out with my B3 BFR Bands every morning 20 minutes before going to work. I feel energized and great all day.” Sometimes I just spend 20 minutes dancing like nobody’s watching!

John Wellmon
Logan, UT

As a 77 year old naval veteran, I have found that exercise with B3 Bands is the closest thing to the fountain of youth available today. The Bands allow me to reach the “Burn” with ½ the weight, ½ the time and most certainly BETTER RESULTS than conventional efforts have allowed.

Greg Whitehead
Westfield, IN

I started using B3 Bands almost 2 years ago and it has changed my life and health forever. As a retired Personal Trainer and State Bodybuilding champion, the B3 Bands have helped me get and stay in great shape. At 54, my workouts are only 20 minutes or less, the pumps I get are better than the old bodybuilding days and I don’t ache the next day

Pamela Whiting
Pocatello, ID

These BFR Bands are awesome! They have really improved my health. I feel stronger, more energetic, I have more clarity and motivation.

Dr. John Whiting
Pocatello, ID

The B3 Bands are a great way to exercise when time is limited and maximum results are desired and expected. My wife and I both use them. It is fun to appreciate younger versions of ourselves

Jay Willey
Broomfield, CO

In over 60 years of coaching, teaching physical fitness, and personal training, I have never discovered a method with more potential for more people than BFR as presented by B3. It is the total fitness program for everyone regardless of age.

Brandi Wood
Kaysville, Utah

I have loved adding the B3 bands to my exercise regimens. I can tell I have put on more muscle and I sleep better. They are truly amazing for all, athlete, pro, walkers etc.

Angela Woodbury
Saint George, UT

The B3 BFR Bands have given me the tools and motivation I needed to push through the plateau I’ve experienced for the last few years. I’ve changed from long, tedious, ineffective workouts…to short, fun, and highly effective! I Love these B3 BFR Bands!

Kyle Young
Clackamas, OR
Omar Zaldivar
Tulsa, OK
Jillian Ziegler
Madison, WI

I have recently started using the B3 bands and I am glad to see the positive changes already! For the past year and a half I have struggled with a shoulder injury that has prevented me from doing any upper body workouts. After just a month of using the bands, I am now able to use light weights and hold planks without any pain!

Dr. John Zrelak
Chicago, IL
Cade Zrelak
Culver, IN