B3 Testimonials

Andrew Ernst, MS, ATC, CSCS, CES

Head Athletic Trainer for USA Bobsled and Skeleton

l used the B3 Bands on a US World Cup Team member for rehabilitation following an injury. This injury limited the amount of weight that could be used during a 3 month period. Typically he would be lifting well over 150 kg for lower body lifts, but we were restricted to body weight exercises for 6 weeks and then weights under 70 kg.

With the use of B3 Bands 2-3 times per week, he was able to maintain his pre-injury muscle mass throughout his entire body. B3 Bands allowed us to use lighter weights, but mimic his normal training response and perceived effort without risking an aggravation of his injury. I loved how easy the bands were to use and that there were no wires or cords attached which really assisted the types of training we could accomplish.

Kenny Hill

I have Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Four doctors recommended that I stop martial arts training and have surgery on both ankles when I was 22. They told me even with the surgery, I would be confined to a wheelchair by age 35. I was very active in my 20’s. I held 5 black belts in martial arts. By my 30’s I could no longer exercise.

Due to my disease I had to wear ankle braces and walk with a cane. The B3 Bands have been an amazing addition to my life. I feel like I did in my 20’s. My balance is better and my muscles have all been coming back.

Thanks, Lana Stevenson for introducing me to B3 Bands!

Bob Poston, Fitness Professional

With 40+ years in the fitness industry, I have seen many training tools and protocols. I firmly believe the B3 Sciences BFR band training system is a game changer that is here to stay. 

My own personal experience with B3 BFR bands started in the summer of 2022.  After having total hip replacements, left in 2018 and then the right in 2020, I experienced residual pain in both upper leg regions.  This continued for the next 2 years with no relief even with continued PT. After bone scans were performed in spring of 2022, my surgeon informed me that the leg issues I was experiencing were due to my knees.  Apparently both knees lit up in the bone scan showing quite a bit of metabolic activity due to a lot of arthritis being present. The last thing on my radar was a knee replacement, let alone 2.  I had put so much focus on my leg pain that the knee discomfort had taken a back seat.  All of this had impacted my training regime for the last 4 plus years.

Coach Larry Indiviglia had reached out to me, around this same time, to talk to me about Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training and B3 Sciences.  After a few calls with him and doing some research, I decided it was worth giving a try as I did not want to entertain knee replacements.  Well, after about 8 solid weeks of training in the BFR bands, not only did the pain disappear from my upper legs, but my knees felt great as well.  And my workouts, no more 60 to 90 minute sessions in the gym, I am done lifting in less than 30 minutes, sometimes 20.  My results have been fantastic.

I crossed off an old bucket list item of competing in a Men’s Physique competition in November of 2019.  I worked through all the pain issues to be able to compete and I walked on stage at around 212 pounds and 13.5% body fat.  I had such a great time being around these physique athletes that I decided to do another show, then Covid hit.  My training tailored off, I went up to 229 pounds and felt stuck.  In 2022 I returned to stage competing November. I had started training with the BFR bands in July of 2022.  I came into that show at 203 pounds and 11.5% body fat. I did a third show in February 2023 and competed at 197 pounds and 9.5% body fat. I had not been under 200 pounds in 42 years. The B3 BFR bands are a permanent part of my training and in my toolkit always.

Ingrid Butts, 3 Time USA Olympian

She is already Super Fit. With B3 Bands she was hoping for a quicker and more efficient use of her time. She also wanted to reduce stress on her body from long and hard workouts. She was Shocked at what happened in 2 months!

Her Plan: Wear all 4 Bands for her strength training workouts

Workouts would be 2x per week for only 20 minutes

Incorporate basic movements with upper and lower body in same workout. Exercises include: biceps, triceps, push ups, shoulder press, pull ups, dips, lat pull downs, lunges, jumps, squats, step ups.

She loves compound movements to incorporate usage of stability muscles and balance. Her Bosu Ball is a favorite of hers along with the B3 resistance bands, kettle bells and dumb bells

The Shocking Part is she changed her strength training workouts from over an hour to significantly less weight and less time.

Results: She noticed a huge change in her Strength. She went from 10 full body pull-ups in May to 15 in July > An Incredible 50% increase in just 2 months!

What really shocked her was: She was not using the Bands to do cardio, but to her surprise her upper capacity of her cardio training improved on her cardio days.

She was also shocked when she lost 3 unexpected pounds and leaned out, especially around the belly area.

The Best Part: Ingrid is saving precious time, and she has reduced stress on her body!

Scooter Forbes suffered a serious Spinal Cord Injury in 2002.

After Scooter's injury he was temporarily paralyzed. As his feeling came back in his legs, the Doctors told him he would probably never walk again.

Scooter refused to give into his injury. He learned how to stand, how to walk and eventually how to ride a bike again.

One thing that never came back was the ability for Scooter to contract his calf muscles. Because of this he has to where special braces when he rides his bike.

Since the injury he has experienced muscle atrophy. Even with his 2 hour bike rides, he could not build muscle. In addition he had a significant loss in balance. He could not balance himself on one 1 leg.

Scooter was introduce to B3 Bands and said he felt a muscle pump in his legs on the first demo, like he had not felt in 16 years since the injury.

Scooter quickly started using the bands on his bike ride. He noticed that his legs that were used to a 2 hour bike ride were completely fatigued in 15 minutes. Within 2 weeks he noticed the muscles in his thighs were growing.

He also noticed his strength and stamina with bike rides had gone up through the roof!

But what really amazed Scooter was he noticed that his balance was better. So he started practicing balance on 1 leg. Within a few weeks he accomplished something he never thought would return, he could balance himself on 1 leg. This is amazing for someone who cannot contract their calf muscles.

Now Scooter also takes his B3 Bands to work and is using 3 lb dumbbells to strengthen his upper body.


Tim Kuss Senior Pickleball Player

I have had knee pain for 20 years. After weekends of playing Pickleball it was always sore and swollen.

After 30 days of using the B3 Bands, I have no pain when I play Pickleball, and no swelling after. I never thought any of this was possible

Scott Moore, #1 Senior Open Pickleball Player

Competing year round in National Pickleball tournaments requires a high level of fitness and stamina. Before the B3 Bands I was challenged with finding the time to do strength training. When I did lift weights, I was always sore. 

As the reigning #1 Senior Open Pickleball player, there was always new and younger players gunning for me. I needed a competitive edge to stay on top. Then I met Dr. Mike. I was amazed during the first workout in the Bands that lasted less than 20 minutes. It felt like I had worked out for 2 hours, but without all the stress on my body.

 Since implementing the B3 Bands daily, I have noticed incredible results as well as tremendous anti-aging benefits. My on-court explosiveness and endurance is at a whole new level. I am never tired anymore after long tournaments. My body feels younger. I am sleeping better and have endless energy.

Thanks to the elevated HGH, I had a fracture in my heel that healed in 3 weeks and I a torn cartilage in my knee that healed without surgery.

I tell everyone I know about the B3 Bands... everyone should be exercising this way!

Tammy Mendenhall

Love the versatility of these bands that i can take them with me and still keep up on my triathlon training even when I am traveling. My Never Miss A Monday shot with my arm bands on doing just body weight upper body and I am in the Airport!

I do triathlon training and have been training with the B3 bands for almost 3 weeks. Before I started training with the B3 bands I was experiencing bad leg cramps either on my swim bike or run training I was getting discouraged! I then started doing BFR tri training and I have not had 1 cramp since and I was able to improve my time on one of my training cycle rides. Love B3 bands.

Jennifer Mcdougal

In my early 30’s I found myself living in constant pain and fatigue and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I worked with my sister at her Fitness Center and would spend every day trying to exercise with the clients as they came in, knowing I would go home and be wiped out. The pain in my upper limbs and back would be so bad I would just want to cut them off or even stab them with knives to counterattack the pain. I suffered from depression. I would work out but I was not be able to lose weight, my body fat would not get below 31% no matter what I did.

I have lived with this for over a decade. Actually I had many of the symptoms as an athlete in High School so I pretty much have lived with it my whole life. Since being introduced to the B3 Bands, I hardly ever feel the pain. I do not have depression. I have energy that I never knew I could have. I have been using the B3 Bands just over a year now.

The first time I used the B3 Bands I immediately noticed a huge difference, Dr. Mike calls this the 'Nitric Oxide' pain relieving effect. I never thought I would feel this way again! Since starting on the B3 Bands, I have been able to do a half Iron-man. I have ran multiple half marathons and completed a full marathon. These are things I never would have dreamed of doing. I now have more lean muscle and have shredded fat faster than at anytime in my life. Dr. Mike calls this the 'After Burn' effect.'

I am 46 and I have energy, lean muscle, a BMI of 20, and I am competing in events I never thought possible. This was all made possible because of the B3 Bands. I encourage every woman out there who has Fibromyalgia or chronic pain, to give the B3 Bands a try.

Jeannine Groll

Before using the bands. I experienced daily pain in my knees from constant training. I was always sore. I also had struggled for over 15 years with hypothyroidism. Then I met Dr. Mike at an event in Logan, Utah and tried the B3 Bands. I was amazed at what I felt in a 4-minute workout with him that day! 

After using the bands for only a few months I noticed amazing results: I am never sore or in pain. I am training in 20 minutes or less. My doctor has taken me off my thyroid medication. My competition times are faster than they have ever been even. I look and feel so much younger.

Thank you Dr. Mike, I will never go back to training the way I did for over 20 years!

John Wellmon

At 79 years old, I thought that my days of building muscle were over. Heavy weightlifting and High Intensity Training were a thing of the past as it was too hard on my body.  Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Upper Body Training

In 30 days with B3 Bands and light exercise tubing, I added over 1 inch to my biceps and experienced overall muscle tone that is amazing. My wife “Likes how my Pecs have filled out!”.

I truly believe that exercise, sleep and a reasonable diet is the Holy Grail of anti-aging.

Mike Larsen

To understand the impact the B3 Bands have on my life let me begin at a turning point that has forever changed me.  In 2007 I began training for the CSD Fire Department.  I got myself into the best shape I had ever been.   My typical routine was to ride a bicycle 2-3 times a week - 28 miles round trip to work and weight train 3 times a week.  My wife says I was well defined and toned.  The morning after finishing my required classes I decided to ride my bike to work. 

In 2007 I was riding my bike and was struck by a car. My injuries were so severe that I was placed into an induced coma for 19 days so my brain and body could heal. When I woke up there wasn’t much left of me, I had lost 40 pounds in 19 days.  All my muscle was gone.  

Over the new few years, I tried to rebuild my body and my muscle but could not. I could not exercise at high intensity; it would cause too much pain. In addition, I was suffering from serious brain issues affecting the quality of my life. I no longer felt young and energetic. I was faced with the reality that I would be this way for the rest of my life.

Recently my wife, Sarah, started using B3 Bands and convinced me to try them.  The B3 Bands have made all the difference in the world. In a short period of time, I was able to rebuild muscle mass, strength, and endurance. I quickly noticed better sleep, more energy & focus, and stronger motivation and drive for my life.  

The B3 Bands have created nothing short of a miracle in my life. Now, I never miss using my B3 Bands during my day. I can always find 10 minutes, even when I am on the road in my 18-wheeler.

Sarah Larsen

Before using the B3 Bands I was working out for about 90 minutes a day, 5-6 a week.  I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and had not realized any improvements in about 5 months.  I was always frustrated, fatigued, stressed, and not sleeping well. Plus, I had issues with pain in my joints.

 I was introduced to Dr. Mike and the B3 Bands in November 2020 and loved them.  I immediately reduced my workouts to under 20 minutes a day. Within the first month I saw immediate results. My body composition of muscle/fat was changing fast. Since using the Bands, I have dropped over 21” on my body, lost over 12% body fat, and gained 9% lean muscle mass. I never thought that was possible! 

 I had bursitis in my left shoulder that quickly went away.  I sleep so much better at night and my energy is through the roof.  I feel like I have the energy of a teenager. I even took up playing volleyball 1 night a week and started a kickboxing class.

 The B3 Bands are an amazing exercise breakthrough that everyone should be using for better their health and fitness!

Judy Crockett

I love the B3 bands!!  I work full time and have three side gigs, so time is very limited for me.  Being in my mid 50’s, I know the importance of building and preserving muscle but I don’t have the time to take 60-90 minutes for a workout.

The B3 band provide a solution for me, quicker burn in less time.  I’m not sore after a workout but yet I can tell my muscles have had a workout.  My goal is to be able to share this “gift” with others and help them age better.