What are B3 BFR Bands?

The Greatest Breakthrough in Exercise Technology

Exercise in ½ the time, with ½ the weight and get better results!

B3 Bands are the result of more than 40 years of research & innovation, with over a million real exercise sessions.

Rooted in a scientific breakthrough utilizing Blood Flow Resistance (BFR) during workouts, this technique combines light exercise with the body's natural processes to give you amazing results that change the way you work out forever.

Studies have shown that when BFR is done correctly, it's just as safe as regular exercise. It's worth noting that BFR has been used safely in Japan for over 40 years! It's a tried-and-tested method that can help you get fit safely and effectively.

Not a fan of lifting weights or hard workout classes?

You can walk, bike, do yoga, mow the grass, clean the house, etc with B3 Bands and get a great workout

Unable to make it to the gym?

No problem, slip on the B3 Bands at home and try our easy home workout routines

Prefer gym workouts or lifting weights?

Try lifting half the weight with B3 Bands, experience less discomfort, and witness astounding results you never thought achievable

Are you an athlete?

Incorporate B3 Bands into your existing training regimen and gain a competitive edge

The Growth Hormone Effect

The B3 Bands work through a technology called Blood Flow Restriction training, or BFR. When you wear the B3 Bands, it naturally and safely slows down your blood flow in your arms and legs.

With less blood flow your muscles have less available oxygen. With less oxygen your muscles fatigue faster and deeper. This quick and deeper fatigue creates ‘the burn’ feeling in your muscles also known as lactic acid, which promotes a release of Human Growth Hormone after BFR exercise.

Muscles Fatigue Deeper

1. Muscles get less oxygen to use

2. This leads to quicker muscle fatigue, making you feel the 'burn' sooner

3. Your fatigue levels become deeper due to reduced oxygen compared to what most people typically experience despite doing less work, experiencing less pain, and recovering faster

4. Your brain receives a signal triggering a surge in Growth Hormone release right after the BFR exercise

5. With more Growth Hormone, you respond faster and achieve better results

Additionally, Growth Hormone offers significant healing and anti-aging benefits for the body!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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But remember this, once you try B3 Bands you will never want to exercise the old way again!