BFR Bands for Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

How BFR training can help improve your Blood Sugar Health

The Importance of Vigorous Exercise on Blood Sugar Health

When you do vigorous exercise, your muscles use more glucose from the sugar in your blood stream. Over time, this can lower your blood sugar levels. It also makes the insulin in your body work better.

People who are Sedentary are at a significantly higher risk of Diabetes due to Insulin Resistance.

From WebMD:

Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver don't respond well to insulin and can't use glucose from your blood for energy.

From Science Daily:

High-intensity training rapidly improves Diabetics' glucose metabolism


The Problem: Most People can't or won't do Vigorous Exercise

The Solution: Light Exercise with B3 Bands simulates Vigorous Exercise in your Body!

BFR Exercise Can Benefit Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar BFR Study

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"Groups that do moderate intensity training achieved only half of the improvement experienced by the High Intensity group during the two-week period”

“In conclusion, the current investigation demonstrated that in the short term, 10 walk training sessions of moderate intensity aerobic BFR exercise significantly increased the effectiveness of insulin in the fasted and postprandial state”

“these findings may translate into beneficial applications for other populations, such as within the pre-diabetic or diabetic population who may not be able to sustain high intensity exercise”

Study Shows Multitude of Benefits

Peer Review : Extensive Review of BFR Literature



  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Hypertrophy (Increased cross sectional area)
  • Localized Endurance
  • Cardio-respiratory endurance
  • Growth Hormone Release
  • Less Muscle Damage
  • Safe

is as Safe as Light Exercise

Exercise: Walking


  • These findings suggest that at-risk populations can perform BFR without fear of overt cardiovascular risk.

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Safety Study Yoga

Exercise: Yoga


  • We found that there were no further elevations in arterial blood pressure and myocardial oxygen demand when / B  Strong Bands were added to yoga practices.
  • Our findings indicate that / B Strong Bands can be applied to yoga while avoiding unfavorable hemodynamic responses and preserving the intended effects on muscle hypertrophy.

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